About The Somerset County Prosecutor's Office

Mission Statement

The statutory mission of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office is to use all reasonable and lawful diligence for the detection, arrest, indictment and conviction of offenders against the laws.[1] As a constitutionally established law enforcement agency[2] , the Somerset County Prosecutor, as the chief of law enforcement for the County, provides leadership and supervision over the chiefs of police[3] and municipal prosecutors[4] with a view to ensure the effective, efficient and uniform enforcement of the criminal laws and the administration of criminal justice throughout the County.

The Somerset County Prosecutor's Office is committed to fulfilling these constitutional and statutory mandates as well as: strengthening law enforcement's relations with the public; enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Somerset County; ensuring the rights of crime victims, to be treated with fairness, compassion and respect, are enforced[5] ; and, pursuing justice for all.[6]


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